I purchased my Jeep Grand Cherokee two years ago from Route 22 Nissan. I was very satisfied with the experience.

Since I was so satisfied, I started taking my truck in for service, i.e., oil change, etc. Well, about a month ago, I took my truck into the service department for a leak that I was having which was coming from the sun roof (with I was told). The person that took care of me was named Julian. He assured me that the will have it fixed to stop the leak.

I paid $344 and some change. After getting the truck back, it rained a couple of days after that and the leak was still there in the same place. I called Julian to inform him of this and he said that he will take a look at it again. So, I took it back again, he called me and said that it was not the sun roof it was the windshield and I had to pay $120.00 in addition to the $344 and change that I paid in the beginning with NO RESULTS!!!

I asked him why did I pay the $344 and change and nothing was repaired and why do I have to pay an additional $120.00 for a windshield. What was the $344 and change for? I could not get a direct answer from him. I thought about it and had my son-in-law take it in that next morning (I couldn’t miss another day off of work).

After I came into the office that morning, I thought about it some more and realized that this whole thing does not make any sense to me at all. Here I am paid $344 and change for a service that was not corrected and then was asked to pay another $120.00 for additional work. I called my son-in-law and asked him to go and pick up the truck. I called Frank at the service department; he is the manager to talk with him in regards to this.

I left two voice mail messages and to this day, I have not heard back from him. Since I did not hear from Frank, I searched and found out the General Manager (owner) is Mr. Gorr, they had on the website where you can contact him through e-mail. I e-mailed him and explained my problem fully and have not heard back from him either.

I e-mailed him again this week (5/6/13) and still have not heard from him. I would like to get my money back. I think this is so unfair.

It might not be a lot of money to Mr. Gorr, Julian or Frank, but it is to me when you are struggling and trying to make ends meet.

Monetary Loss: $344.

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